Travel Agents

Travel agents who book their clients on our events obtain a 10% commission off of the net cabin fare payable upon the completion of the occasion. These numbers are a little deceiving: According a BLS report released in March 2015, Occupational Employment and Wages—May 2014,” two the average wage of a travel agent is $ or $37,730 annually. On the other hand, when we’re speaking about agency owners (for storefronts or dwelling primarily based agencies), the salary numbers are misleading. New agents that who relied solely on selling travel for their living commonly earned around $5-15,000 their first year. We can also break down travel agent personnel into two distinct salary groups due to the pay difference—leisure travel agent salaries and corporate travel agent salaries.

They typically never draw an hourly price and their travel agent salary” is normally primarily based on the company’s income (revenue less costs like marketing, utilities, gear, travel, and so on.)—hardly comparable to a standard employee’s salary. Nonetheless, positions in other industries never consist of travel advantages and functioning in travel!

If you are interested in becoming a travel agent, our host agency list is the location to start off. The section on employee travel agent salary is going to give you numbers that will be close to what you can count on if you get hired on at an agency. A request on agency letterhead from the agency owner/manager stating their intent to create a new agency profile, enabling the agency to make bookings with Sixthman. Agents that worked in niche markets such as corporate travel or destination weddings earned significantly far more.

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