Gunnuhver – the Geyser Gunna – Iceland

Gunnuhver - the Geyser Gunna - Iceland

Next text taken from the *Iceland Journey Agency*:

“Gunnuhver is a really energetic geothermal spot of mud pools and steam vents on the southwest component of the Reykjanes Peninsula. Named following an angry feminine ghost , Gudrun [or Gunna], whose spirit was trapped in the sizzling springs by a priest 400 decades in the past, the steamy spot has an eerie environment and an remarkable sulphur vapor.

… The vibrant minerals in the ground give vivid hues, but risk is incredibly real with temperatures in excess of 300°C (570°F) so it is critical to tread evenly and adhere to the trails. Iceland´s largest mud pool resides at Gunnuhver it is 20 meters (65 ft) huge of violently boiling earth.”

>>THE Area IS CONSTATLY Shifting,
SO Website visitors Have to BE Very Mindful.<<

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